Whitetail deer hunts bring dedicated hunters into the wild to face their game and experience not just the triumph of the capture, but the thrill of the chase and the challenge. This does not mean, however, that the experience has to be rough. Bringing home gorgeous trophy animals should be a memorable and enthralling experience, not one about fighting the elements and potentially missing the deer of a lifetime. Guided whitetail deer hunts bring hunting season to another level by allowing hunters to relax, enjoy spending time with each other, and have the opportunity to pursue some of the most incredible animals available.

These exceptional hunts include everything hunters and their families need to make their hunts about more than just getting their animal and getting back home. Instead, they can fully immerse themselves in the whole experience and build memories both during their pursuit and in the evenings as they relax. The incredible Oak Creek Lodge offers over 6000 square feet of space where hunting families are invited to make themselves at home, create friendships, and really enjoy their time. The lodge offers all of the amenities of a comfortable hotel, ensuring hunters get a truly restful night’s sleep before heading out into the preserve for a wild whitetail deer hunting experience.

Beyond the comfortable rooms and roaring fire where deer hunters can sit back and unwind at the end of the day, the lodge offers delectable meals in a bed and breakfast-style setting. Extraordinary surroundings make this the perfect destination for corporate or individual whitetail hunting trips.

Of course, world class whitetail deer hunting tripsare about more than just the accommodations. Hunters get the opportunity to fully customize their hunt to suit their personal preferences, skill, and hunting style. This means that they can make the experience what they want of it and actually enjoy their time out in the rolling hills of Missouri.

Over 1,800 acres of unblemished land offers a variety of environments, including creek beds, hardwoods, and ridges to explore and challenge all types of hunters. Hunters get the opportunity to choose from a wide range of hunting styles, including stand hunting, heated waterproof houses, spot and stalk hunting, bow hunting, and even truly thrilling rut hunting.

Regardless of the style of hunting, trophy whitetail hunts are nothing without the gorgeous animal to bring home. The ranch ensures every hunter has the best chances of getting the biggest and best animal in his or her hunting career. Through special breeding and offering an optimum environment with the most nourishing foods available they have developed herds of the biggest, strongest, and most exceptional whitetail deer available. Measuring over 200 inches, some of these animals are truly astonishing in their size and majesty.

Get in touch with Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch to learn more about their hunts and when you can schedule your unforgettable hunt for a trophy whitetail.