Bowhunting Oak Creek: 

“I didn’t sleep very much that first night because of the excitement I felt after seeing the deer hanging on the wall in the lodge. Just knowing I may have an encounter with one of those incredible animals got my heart racing!”

Jon’s experience at Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch is not uncommon. Most hunters and guests to the ranch stand in awe at some of the trophies taken on the property. Afterall, seeing a mount rather than a picture or video of an animal really puts into perspective the size of the deer to be found on the ranch.

And, yes, this can lead to a sleepless night prior to the hunt.

Jon first heard about Oak Creek through a friend and was immediately taken with it. “My first impression was the drive into the ranch, which seems like it is in the middle of nowhere nestled in the hills of Missouri. We pulled up to the lodge and were greeted by Donald and his guides as soon as we stepped out of the truck. They could not have been more accommodating. We were given a tour of the lodge and introduced to everyone before being shown to our rooms. Donald and the staff make you feel welcome from the time you pull up at the lodge until your departure.”

Although originally a rifle hunter, Jon turned to the bow in an attempt to find something different. “I loved being in the woods and hunting, but I was starting to become a little bored with rifle hunting. Archery hunting provided more of a challenge and tested my skills as a hunter. I started archery hunting 29 years ago but did not get really serious about it until nine years ago.”

Enter Oak Creek.

“The first morning I had encounters with some of the largest whitetails I have ever seen in my life. Being in a tree and watching how these deer interact has given me knowledge and an experience that has changed the way I hunt. Oak Creek is an amazing place that will allow you to have the hunt of a lifetime.”

Jon has had the “hunt of a lifetime” at Oak Creek four times prior and will do so again in the future.

“I always love going to Oak Creek. Everyone from the owners, guides, and chef are all top notch and very accommodating.”