The Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch, in Missouri is the premiere hunting lodge in the country. The Ranch is designed for hunters of any and all experience levels. The best guided deer hunts in the country should all offer a certain level of amenities, the same goes for a variety of animals including guided elk hunts.

Oak Creek is designed and operated to provide these amenities. This includes a controlled amount of hunters in the field at one time, experienced guides, comfortable lodging, and of course trophy worthy game. All this, and more, is included in your guided whitetail deer or elk hunt.

The ranch offers an excellent experience for the beginning hunter, including those seeking to learn how to hunt whitetail deer. Their guided whitetail deer hunts will pair up a hunter with an experienced, friendly and professional guide to aid in bagging of a nice trophy buck. The guides offer a unique experience for any hunter, and allows the new, or the experienced hunter a hunting experience tailored to their needs.

Their guided elk hunts offer a completely new experience for many eastern hunters, even the most experienced hunters. The knowledgeable guides are familiar with elk and their habits. This includes knowledge of where elk stay, what they eat, and the best time of day to hunt them. This allows someone who has never hunted a big bull, the creature an amazing experience.

Oak Creek is a full service ranch, and offers room and board, hunting licenses, guide services, and dressing. Of course they offer a sprawling 1,800 acre ranch that allows hunters a wide expanse for hunting deer or elk, either with guns or bows, depending on your preference.