There’s no doubt that this “Defund the Police” movement is pure malarkey from those with questionable agendas. Here is my observation.

DO NOT defund the police, but DO NOT depend on the police.

Be Your Own Personal Security Detail. If you are relying on police for your personal security, you are missing the point of the police. Police are a deterrent, not personal bodyguards. Some will go so far as to describe the police as armed stenographers (guys with guns who only take reports). I would not denigrate them to that level, but the fact remains, if a violent crime is perpetrated, the police will most likely respond after the event occurs.

You notice how high-ranking government officials and celebrities are surrounded by bodyguards? It must be nice to have so many paid professionals concerned with your wellbeing.

I’m an average Joe, and I suspect most who will read this are in the same situation. Whose job is it to care about my safety? Or my family’s?

Me, that’s who.

First and foremost, be aware of your surroundings.

Situational awareness helps keep you out of trouble. If it looks suspicious, avoid it. Listen to your instincts.

Second, know your way out.

Don’t be a hero. Create space. If you can run away from a fight, it’s better than getting into a fight.

Third, if you HAVE TO FIGHT.

Fight well.

photo by everyday

Since the onset of increased nationwide silliness, not only have I exercised my Second Amendment Right, I’ve added an extra magazine to my everyday carry as well. The old saying applies: you never have enough time, friends or ammo. It’s not just having extra ammo, it’s about having the ability to drop a magazine and clear a malfunction without having to fish around in the dirt for your one-and-only mag.

Have a good pocket knife. Keep a first aid kit in your vehicle (I’ve never used my pistol in defense of life, but I have used my first aid kit multiple times).

Get used to carrying your kit daily. Remember, it’s meant to be comforting, not comfortable.

Practice. Dry fire drills, reloads, and rounds at the range mean muscle memory. Know your strengths. Identify your weaknesses and improve upon them.

Most of all, know yourself. If it is only my life on the line, I would rather run away. However, if my family is present, they don’t run as fast as me. In that event, sorry bad guys, you may run into someone who has trained harder than you.

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