This week On The Ranch, Nick, Easton and Jacob work on a couple of whitetail bucks that have broken antler and a drop tine. These deer are in our breeder pen that we use to increase our genetics in the preserve.  If these deer were on the preserve or in the wild there is a good chance they would not survive.  Having this small breeding program really gives us a huge advantage and helps us stand out to be the Best Missouri Deer Hunting Ranch possible.  If we want the widest whitetail in the world we just introduce some of the doe that are producing the widest deer possible into the preserve.  Same for any other trait we are needing to improve our whitetail hunting here on the ranch.

The first a yearling buck had caught his antler on something, probably during a recent storm we had on the weekend. The antler had broken off at the skull. Nick and Easton darted him and showed us the removal process.

The second whitetail buck, a two year old, Jacob noticed a broken tine off his right antler. These both must be taken care of or there is a good chance the bucks will get blood poisoning from flies and maggots, possibly ending in the death of the animal. After knocking the buck down, Jacob removed the tine and added the medicine to keep the flies away. Then he gave the buck reversal and woke him back up.

As of this blog, both bucks are doing great. We will keep you updated on these and any others that come up during the year.

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On the Ranch

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