Another Happy Hunter

Another Happy Hunter

Dear Donald, Angie, Jacob, Jesse, Mark and all the other outstanding folks at Oak Creek,

I sent a note earlier which was returned but I wanted to say a huge THANK YOU from my brother Gary and I for such an awesome time there on the ranch. You truly have a first class team there and we enjoyed every moment of our hunt. The food, the accommodations and the fellowship was super! It was a treat to break bread with Donald and Angie as well as all the guides. We were treated as though we were the first and only hunters to kill a buck on the ranch and every detail was covered from the time we arrived to the time we had to depart. I hope we can return some day and I will certainly have my rifle with me the next time!!

Thanks again for the memories and letting us be part of the Oak Creek Family for a few days!! God’s richest blessings to all of you and your families this Christmas and always………………..

Abe and Gary, Oregon

ps. I was also very impressed with the generosity you have shown over the years providing hunts for many youth programs and young hunters who would not otherwise have a chance to experience the thrill of a hunt!!!