2012 Dallas Safari Club

Auctioning off a chance to hunt Oak Creek’s First Week Of The Season Hunt. Offered exclusively to a DSC bidder and members of his/her invited party. The winning bidder and his party will be the first hunters on the ranch at the opening of the 2012 season insuring them a chance to harvest some of the largest deer in the world.
2012 Houston Safari Club

Oak Creek’s Super 8-Point Hunt is offered exclusively to a HSC bidder.  Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch has taken some of the largest deer in the world in the past few years, including a number of huge main frame 8-pointers in the 170 to 200 inch range that are the envy of the hunting world.  Bid on a chance to hunt one of these huge 8-points.


2012 Safari Club International

Auctioning off a  chance to hunt Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch’s Pathfinder Hunt during the peak of the November rut. A North American hunting opportunity without parallel. That’s when the biggest world record Whitetail bucks drop their guard and show themselves, affording you the opportunity to take a truly magnificent trophy and a possible new world record. The SCI Pathfinder Hunt is a very special auction as the buyer of the Pathfinder Hunt makes it possible for two disabled young hunters to experience the thrill of the hunt and the joy of a high quality outdoors experience.

Two young hunters who have overcome their physical challenges  and who possess the desire to shoot a trophy Whitetail, will join the auction winner for the Hunt of A  Lifetime on a spectacular hunt at Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch.

The hunt will be filmed for an episode of SCI’s top rated TV show, Expedition Safari, hosted by Mike Rogers, Jr.  This is a great opportunity for an SCI member to participate in and be a part of this tremendous humanitarian program.

Oak Creek’s Auction Hunting Packages are 100% donation offered exclusively to the respective organizations for their use in hunting conservation.

With all funds raised going to that organization so please know that the funds raised from your bid will be fully utilized for their important work.

Each organization plays an important role in game conservation organizations in the world and in game and wild lands conservation, defending hunter’s rights, youth hunting and outdoor activity education, public education and protecting the rights and interests of all outdoorsmen, women and youth.

NEW! Two-Tiered Auction Format

On-Line: For those of you who are not able to attend the live auction, we are offering the opportunity for you to bid in the On-Line Auction ahead of the live auction procedure.

Live Auction: If you have never taken part in one of these amazing Live Auctions there is a VOID in your life.

These events are like none other in the outdoor world. Millions of dollars in high end merchandise, firearms and hunts are auctioned to raise needed funding for each organization.


Place your bid NOW!  Highest bidder takes all!

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2012 Dallas Safari Club

2012 Safari Club International

2012 Houston Safari Club