Ace’s Update: They have abandoned me!

By Ace the Deer Dog. The humans think they run things around here, but, as we all know, this is my ranch.

The humans abandoned me. They went to the Dallas Safari Club Convention and left me here to watch over Oak Creek. No fair!

The DSC convention sounds like a lot of fun: new friends, lots of stuff to sniff, meeting other working dogs and checking out awesome hunting trucks and gear that Donald will never buy for me.

Donald went on and on about how great this year’s show was. I know he is going to the Safari Club International Convention in a couple of weeks. If he leaves me at home again I’m gonna chew up every left shoe he owns… just the left one.


Ace the blood tracking dog finds a big whitetail shed.

My shed is bigger!

Ace the blood tracking dog finds a shed antler from a whitetail deer.

Hey that shed is mine!

When he came back, we went straight out and I beat him in a shed hunting competition.

This is Ace, letting you know what’s going on at my place.

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