The modern corporation is typically spread over a wide geography and may span continents. The size and complexity have increased, and key corporate executives may have little contact with each other. The result is a loss in focus and the synergy that comes with direct communication. At the same time, the broader demands on executives create substantial stress and day to day distractions. The days of “leave your work at the office” are quaintly in the past, as the internet fosters a 24/7 work mindset.

A corporate retreat offers a variety of benefits for both the corporation’s business goals and the quality of life for its executives.

A corporate retreat that offers recreational activities demonstrates that the corporation recognizes and appreciates the value of its executives. University research has found that (not surprisingly) happy workers are more productive. There is a bottom-line dollar value to this in terms of executive retention and productivity that comes from higher morale. The quality of the retreat becomes a measure of the value placed by the corporation on its executives.

An offsite retreat bonds and builds teams. A corporate retreat that challenges executives in pursuit of common goal unrelated to their organizational roles, connects people as individual personalities rather than their corporate roles. In a corporate deer hunting retreat, people are connected by common experience completely outside their corporate roles. Camouflage gear instead of suits and ties is a great equalizer, and the barriers of rank and function give way to camaraderie that lasts well beyond the hunt. The common experiences of the hunt and the unstressed evenings in a hunting lodge provide connections that will foster long term relationships among key executives. A Harvard study found that teams that communicate with each other are more productive and creative.

A retreat with a program such as a deer hunt combines two key elements of staff development: organizational planning and team building. Bringing executives together offsite allows them to focus on the task at hand – sharing their input on common business objects and projects. Using the format of a group event such as a deer hunt adds the component of team building to it. The collective planning of executive leaders is vital to an organization, and the buy-in that comes with participating in the process are important. The person to person connections which come from an intense group experience such as a deer hunt improve the group strength to implement new goals, changed procedures, or a new vision.

The real benefits of a corporate retreat become evident after the event is over. Morale is an intangible, and there are few activities which can directly impact it. A corporate retreat, challenging team effort, relaxing times in a stress free, distraction free environment have a direct impact on morale, and morale have a direct effect on productivity.

The value of a corporate retreat is real and tangible for the corporate goals. The value to the corporation’s most valuable asset, its leadership, is large and lasting.

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