By Ace the Deer Dog. The humans think they run things around here, but, as we all know, this is my ranch.

Guyz, guyz, you won’t believe this. Human Donald bought me a new best friend. They call her Huntley. She is awesome. Great to have another dog around the place.

She’s just a puppy, so I can’t teach her all of my tricks yet, but she’s good company. The best news is, she has a good nose on her. I’m not gonna lie. Last season Donald tried to wear me out. Find this deer. Find that deer. Find your own deer!

Sure, she gets more pets and treats than she should, but I can let that slide. She’s little.

She is gonna be a blood trail dog like me… well, probably not as good as me… wait, what if she is better than me? What if I am replaced? Oh no, I need to put in a call to the Blood Tracking Union. Do I have a case?

If Huntley is that good, do you think they would make me live with Jacob, my nemesis? I couldn’t stand it. He pretty much eats Cheetos and roadkill. He calls it the West Virginia diet. What would he feed me? Eating dog food would be an upgrade for him!

Someone help! I need job security.

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