Did you know that Missouri is one of the most popular destinations for hunting? The state’s stunning landscapes serve as a habitat for many wildlife species and provide the perfect setting for hunters seeking adventure and trophies. While hunting is a local tradition, even experienced hunters can fall for deer hunting myths that have been perpetuated for a long time. It’s time to learn the truth about them!

Myth #1: Deer Move to Other Areas Once Shooting Starts

Yes and no. It’s a fact that deer get more sneaky as soon as the hunting season begins, although it’s uncommon for them to leave their range. According to researchers from the Auburn University and Pennsylvania State University, what happens is a change in their behavior. For example, they might seek out hiding spots in the day—which makes hunting even more exciting in our opinion!

Myth #2: The Lunar Cycle Has Influence on Deer Breeding

Some hunters believe that the lunar cycle affects deer movement but the long-standing belief was proven wrong according to one study published by the Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences. Thanks to GPS technology, the researchers concluded that the moon phase has only a negligible effect on deer, if any.

Myth #3: Only Big Bucks Rub Big Trees

Big bucks tend to rub big trees more often to leave their scent but small bucks do it too. Why does this matter? Understanding deer behavior is important to increase your chances of a successful hunt—and it includes analyzing rub lines and travel patterns.

We hope this blog helps debunk some of the most famous deer hunting myths out there. At Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch, we offer many hunting options with abundant and sustainable trophy wildlife. With 1,500 acres in the rolling hills of Missouri, we provide a challenging and exciting hunting environment. Contact us through our website or by calling (573) 943-6644 to plan your next hunt.