This week On The Ranch, Nick and Shane take you through the process of getting our fall food plots ready for whitetail deer hunting season.  In order to grow world record whitetail they have to be healthy.  Oak Creek spares no expense when it comes to trying to be the best whitetail hunting ranch in the world.

This year, Oak Creek is trying some different things in the food plots. This season we are mixing a Purple Top Turnip, Rape, Winter Wheat and new this time Frosty Berseem Clover. We get most of our seed from Missouri Southern Seed out of Rolla, Missouri.

The Frosty Berseem Clover, is likely to be one of our go to food plot species in the future with its’ tolerance to temperatures down into the single digits. This will virtually take away our winter kill problem. This could really be a great help for us as whitetail deer love it and it is a rapid producer of forage with the extra large leaves it has. With better forage in the food plots this season should make for some of the best whitetail deer hunting we have seen.

Another great benefit of the clover is the ability to handle heavy grazing and it should grow until May or June of next year, which will help in the early antler grow time. Oak Creek is planning on haying some of this clover so we will keep you posted on how that works as well.

With the food plots, we will be no-till planting, Nick will come in several days early and spray the field with Round Up. This is to kill all of the existing forage and get the field ready to be planted. Then Shane comes in with the no-till drill to finish the planting.

You can see them in action and learn more on the mix and the planting by clicking the link below.

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Missouri Deer Association 2nd Annual Raffle

Last thing, the Missouri Deer Association is again having their amazing gun and hunt raffle. If you would like to buy tickets, ($20 each or 6/$100) you can click the link we have provided and get some.

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