What does it take to grow big whitetail bucks and giant bull elk?

To grow big whitetail bucks, mostly it is great nutrition and habitat. This week we are going to be telling you some of the techniques we use in our supplemental feeding practices here at Oak Creek to remain one of the top whitetail hunting ranches in the country.

The first thing we would tell people is to get to growing a good quality food plot that will feed the deer year round. If you have the ability to grow a wide verity of food you are better off.  Here at Oak Creek we plant clover, wheat, sunflowers, oats, turnips, different types of brassicas  and soybeans. Anything we can plant to give the deer year round access to a high nutritional source of food anytime they feel the urge.

The clover does take a little bit more work and upkeep to keep the weeds from taking over.  But out of everything, it gives you the longest lasting food source throughout the year.

Great looking young buck at the edge of a clover food plot.

We then give them extra by supplemental feeding in several different feeding stations throughout the preserve.  There are several options of feed sources out there but Oak Creek uses a Total Mix Ration to blend our ingredients to perfection. There is not just one magic ingredient in this mix but a very balanced diet for the animals.  It has all the vitamins and minerals added to help keep their bodies in tip top shape, while at the same time helping them fight off ticks and other parasites.

Every year we also add several mineral lick sites to monitor the needs of the deer. If the deer are getting everything they need from the feed they will not need to use these lick sites.

On the Ranch

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On the Ranch at Oak Creek

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Next week, Nick and the guys answer your question about how to grow big deer on your home farms and land.

If you would like to know more about the ranch, give us a call or send us an email. We would love to hear from you and to tell you about the ranch and what makes us the best whitetail hunting ranch in the country.