Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch is comprised of rolling hills, forests and glades, meadows and creeks and more wildlife than you can imagine. Trophy Whitetail deer make their way through the dense growth, stopping to drink at the many streams and nibbling at the forage that this habitat provides.

The owners and operators of this idyllic setting harvest whitetail deer to produce some of the largest bucks ever seen. Natural food sources are supplemented by corn, clover, wheat and other ingredients, enhancing the already strong genetic make up of the whitetail deer.

Guided deer hunts are becoming increasingly popular throughout North America and other parts of the world. Magnificent lodges that boast any number of amenities are the centerpieces of the guided hunt. Hospitality, fine cuisine and fellowship with other whitetail deer hunters, combine to provide the perfect experience for hunters.

Packages are generally available for any number of guests including small corporate outings. A turnkey operation ensures that all of your lodging needs and hunting expectations come true. Licenses, one-on-one guide services, dressing and trophy preparation, round out the full package. Most facilities may also arrange processing and transportation of the meat.

Friendly, professional, field-experienced guides help you achieve your quest of obtaining a trophy whitetail deer. Experienced guides study the movement and feeding patterns of white-tailed deer, increasing your odds of success.

Both stand hunting with rifles and spot and stalk trips are available. Bow hunting setups are also available for the archery enthusiast. To provide insight into the aggressive period of behavior for whitetail deer, some of the best facilities offer a rut hunt at certain times of the season. This period is when you could be standing face to face with a whitetail buck staunchly defending his turf.

Hospitality is the key on any guided deer hunt along with local knowledge and expertise. The ranch operators and staff all work together to ensure your satisfaction and success during your hunting experience.
If you haven’t tried guided whitetail deer hunting, you don’t know what you’re missing.

Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch is located in Missouri and offers some of the finest whitetail deer huntingexperiences. Contact us by phone at 573-943-6644 or you can follow us on Twitter, visit on Facebook or Linked In. And don’t forget to check us out on YouTube.