To most hunters, whitetail archery hunting for a monster whitetail buck is the pinnacle of achievement.   Monster whitetail buck are elusive and to be quite honest, there just aren’t that many world class trophy whitetail bucks available.

Most whitetail bow hunters consider themselves fortunate if they even SEE a world class whitetail buck, let alone pattern and take a world class whitetail with archery hunting gear.  Trophy whitetail bow hunting is just about the toughest hunting assignment you can give yourself.

Most bow hunters think nothing of spending money on the best possible equipment available: bows, arrows, broadheads, scent control, boots, camo, tree stands, hunting leases.  Anything that will give them that “edge” in taking a world class whitetail buck.  Avid whitetail archery hunters gobble up every magazine article, CD, outdoor TV show available just to hone that “edge.”

Trophy hunters practice shooting their bows all summer, fine tuning their gear so they will be ready when that trophy of a lifetime steps out during the rut.   The one thing most archery hunters fail to recognize is that in order to take a true world class whitetail buck with archery gear, you must first have the “opportunity”  to see one of these monster whitetails first.  This means hiring the right outfitter that will give you the opportunity to hunt a true trophy whitetail. Then, when the moment of truth comes, all of the practice and preparation…if everything goes just right…may result in a monster whitetail buck for the wall.

Preparation and equipment aside, if you want a world class whitetail you have to hunt where the big bucks are.  Go to the SCI record books where the largest whitetail in the world are recorded and see what outfitter holds the most entries….that’s where you will harvest your world class whitetail.

Gear is cheap in comparison to the “opportunities” to take a world class whitetail with a bow.   Time away from work, family and other responsibilities limits the time you can spend hunting trophy whitetails.    So it comes down to that all important opportunity to SEE world class whitetail bucks.

Trophy whitetail hunters who are putting world class whitetails in the record books on a consistent basis aren’t just lucky.  They do their homework and make sure the outfitter they choose has proven success helping hunters harvest world class whitetails.  They ask for recent pictures and names of successful and unsuccessful hunters.  They go to websites and brochures and hand pick the references they use to make sure they’re not just talking to the outfitter’s friends and family.  The outfitters you want to go trophy whitetail hunting with won’t hesitate to talk about their trophy whitetail hunting success.

Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch , a 2,000+ acre ranch near Bland, MO, offers guided hunts for world class whitetails. Experience the world’s best whitetail rifle or archery hunting. Oak Creek owner Donald Hill lives, breathes, and dreams trophy whitetails 24 hours, 365 days a year. His life centers around world class whitetail genetics, trophy whitetail habitat and deer herd management. No other outfitter has more Midwest whitetails in the top ten typical and non-typical categories in the record books. The next one could be yours. Check out the Oak Creek website’s record section.