There are many businesses that offer guided deer hunts.But, if real trophy whitetail hunting is your obsession and you have a goal of getting into the record books, there are a small number of hunting outfitters that provide the opportunity to take a true world record whitetail deer.

Many of these hunting operations are privately owned and cater to serious hunters who thrive on the pursuit of SCI World Record typical and non typical whitetail deer. SCI is the leader in protecting the freedom to hunt and in promoting wildlife conservation around the world.

Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch has been tremendously successful in providing hunts for SCI record book animals. They continue to shatter records in the Midwestern Whitetail Deer category.

Oak Creek has produced record book deer in these categories: #1 & #2 Typicals overall; #1 Non-Typical Bow; #1 & #2 Non-Typical Handgun; #1 & #2 Typical Handgun; #3, 4, and 5 Typical Bow, giving Oak Creek the top 5 entries for this category. In fact, Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch now holds the records for all but three of the top 30 Typicals and all but five of the top 20 non-typicals! In total, Oak Creek will have 32 entries in the record book this past year, all in the top 40 of either Midwestern Typical or Non- Typical categories!

Once the chase begins, you are faced with some of the most picturesque scenery that you have laid your eyes on. Undulating hills with acres of dense forest, rolling meadows and rippling streams harbor some of the most unique wildlife scenes in the United States.

Within this territory, whitetail deer hunts take place between September and January and you can choose your hunting package according to the size of the deer that you want to pursue. Semi and full guided trips are available with experienced guides who know the terrain intimately and will help to see you to your successful triumph.

There are a few different hunts to experiment with including stand hunting with rifles and the shooting houses are waterproof and heated. Or maybe you prefer spot and stalk bow hunting designed with the more adventurous hunter in mind. Finally, if you want to really make your heart race you will want to experience the rut hunt. While you flush out your prey, be careful….you may find a world record whitetail near enough for you to ask yourself just why you are in his territory!

The avid hunter can’t go wrong by booking your hunting excursion at one of these tremendous facilities. Chances are you will leave more than satisfied and start counting the weeks, days and hours until you can return again.

Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch is located in Missouri and offers all of the above and more. Contact us and we will tailor a world record whitetail hunting package customized to your individual or group needs. You can reach us 573-943-6644 or visit us on Facebook, Twitter and Linked In and be sure to find us on YouTube as well