The Northern Whitetail genetics are thought to be superior by Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch owner Donald Hill. The whitetail deer that live on the ranch are massive in size, providing some of the best—and most affordable Missouri whitetail hunts .Visitors leave the ranch with some of the largest trophy whitetail deer in the world.

But how did these deer get to be so ideal?

Part of it can be attributed to the ranch’s management program, limiting the number of hunters that visit the preserves each year. This strict program helps to conserve the whitetail while ensuring that there are enough for every hunter that visits Oak Creek. But that isn’t all that makes these deer so magnificent.

While the big Canadian genetics that were imported onto the ranch back in 1992 and conservation play a huge role, the native acorn and persimmon crop also contribute to the massive size of the bucks at Oak Creek. On top of that, Oak Creek always plants lots of food plots, including different types of clover, corn, wheat, rye, alfalfa, turnips and the Hill magic soybeans, all adding to the nutritional variation the deer need. There is alway such a variety the deer never want for anything.

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