As parents, we all face the same struggle: connecting with our kids and giving them an appreciation for the world outside of their smartphones and tablets. We want them to have experiences that challenge their minds, build character, teach them responsibility, and most importantly, show them that the most fun experiences are those that don’t need an electric charger. Furthermore, our children need a better connection to and understanding of nature and the environment so that they can appreciate their world in a new way. As a family-oriented hunting ranch, Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch believes that our ethical, fair-chase hunting expeditions offer families the opportunity to reconnect and share an adventure that will provide memories that last a lifetime.

What makes whitetail hunting a good family activity is that, with the exception of very small children, older kids and teens can participate easily. They learn many new skills, and we very often see that the best guided deer hunts ignite a lifelong passion for the sport. Every hunt emphasizes the need for safety, education and patience. When they come together, a sense of accomplishment never feels stronger. When kids and teens learn how to hunt whitetail deer, they develop an appreciation for the richness of the world around them.

In addition to how whitetail hunting affects your kids, it also helps foster family bonding. Everyone gets to reconnect in a new environment and see one another through fresh eyes. You get to strengthen your foundation through teamwork and encouragement. Most of all, you have the opportunity to disconnect from all the “noise” that plagues our day-to-day lives and remember why these relationships are the cornerstone of your family.

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