Whether it’s hunting the best whitetail deer in the east, or having an opportunity to hunt elk without going out west Oak Creek offers it.

Our hunts are designed to for you to take deer and elk trophies that will be admired by all. We pride ourselves on the measures and techniques we have implemented to breed the largest and most beautiful animals we can, including record breaking whitetail.

If you are looking for an opportunity to break away from the norm and take the chance with Oak Creek we can provide a once in a lifetime experience. Our trophy elk hunting experience provides hunters with a unique opportunity, here at home on the east coast. No longer does one need to track any further west than Missouri to experience a recording breaking hunt.


Oak creek provides a wide variety of hunts, including exotic animals. Perhaps you’ve hunted deer and elk, and you want to try something a little different. Exotic animal hunting allows people to avoid the hassle of international travel to hunt international animals. These unique hunts give men and women an opportunity to go out and hunt something new, hunt something with new patterns, instincts and habits.

Of course if exotic hunting is not your thing, we still offer the opportunity to hunt trophy whitetail deer and elk. There is nothing wrong with staying domestic, and who can beat the lean, delicious, venison a deer or elk provides?


Oak Creek takes careful pride in the size of our animals and we have a average deer score of 243” with deer of 449” and 428” . These massive deer can be taken by the shooter’s choice of weapon, be it a rifle, shotgun, bow, or even a handgun. At Oak Creek we aim to please our clientele and offer an experience that cannot be replicated.