The sport of hunting had a sharp decline a decade ago and it started to look as if hunting would be over rather quickly. However, recently we have noticed a reverse, with new hunters joining the cadre every day. These new hunters are either learning from old hunters, or coming to ranches like Oak Creek to learn a thing or two.


Oak Creek offers a unique opportunity for new hunters of all ages to learn how to hunt whitetail deer. Traditionally whitetail deer has been considered one of America’s prized hunts, and it popular for folks on their first deer hunt.

If you are confused on what to bring to hunt, Oak Creek can provide at no cost a firearm, and a gun range for you to learn to safely and responsibly handle a gun. Oak Creek advises you bring your own camouflage clothing, and blaze orange safety vest. We feature the best guided deer hunts in Missouri, and along the way our trained and professional guides can show you the methods of tracking a deer.

We welcome all new hunters and we pride ourselves on how successful our hunts for beginners are. We offer 1,800 acres of beautiful Missouri land for you to learn the basics of deer hunting, and gain the same appreciation decades of hunters have for the great outdoors.


Our deer hunt guides will strive to give you the best experience possible, and help you take that trophy buck.

Hunting is the experience of a lifetime, a way to connect with the pioneer in all of us, and a way to be part of the wild. Hunting may seem like an intimidating experience for some, but under the tutelage of Oak Creek we make it as simple and enjoyable as possible.