Even experienced hunters come down with a case of buck fever when they’re looking through the peep hole or down the gun sights at a true trophy buck on Midwest whitetail hunts. After all, isn’t that what it is all about? The thrill of Midwest whitetail hunts is unrivaled.

For many hunters, the opportunity to take a solid Boone & Crocket,  Pope & Young or Safari Club International record book deer is a once in a lifetime opportunity, one that can give even seasoned hunters the jitters when the moment of truth comes.

The real trick to overcoming buck fever on monster whitetail hunts is to prepare yourself mentally before you ever get out in the woods. Unless you have ice in your veins, you’re going to have an emotional reaction to having a trophy class whitetail in your sights.

Focus your breathing techniques. You’d be surprised at how many experienced hunters miss their shot on monster whitetail hunts because they forgot one of the simplest things everyone learns when learning to shoot a bow or gun. There are different schools of thought on when and how to breathe when shooting, and we’re not trying to advocate for one method over another so much as saying, whatever breathing technique you use, slow down and focus on it.

Another important matter often overlooked, which can help with buck fever, is practicing during the hunting season. Too many hunters stop practicing when it’s time to get out in the woods. If you happen to fill all your tags on opening day, that’s fine. Most of us, though, need to keep ourselves sharp. Like any other skill, shooting takes practice if you’re going to stay sharp.

The more frequently you practice during the season, the more confident you’re going to be in your shot. And confidence is one of the best cures for buck fever. If you can remind yourself that you can make that shot, it’s easier to execute.

Finally, relax. When you’re on Midwest whitetail hunts, with a big buck in your sights, it’s easy to get worked up, but the reality is that putting your shot inside a monster whitetail’s vitals isn’t the hard part. After all, by the time you get out in the woods, you’ve already mastered the art of placing your shot. Focus on your breathing, remind yourself that you’ve practiced this shot many times, and get ready to harvest that trophy buck.

When you’ve mastered your shot placement, the shooting will come naturally, even when buck fever tries to take over it.  You will follow through with your shot and the buck fever will not be a factor.  Your next big hurdle is finding the best place for a monster whitetail hunt.  After all, if you don’t have the opportunity to see a monster whitetail, there is no chance to take a monster whitetail.

Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch offers guided hunts for world class whitetails. In recent years, Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch near Bland, MO, has registered more monster Midwestern whitetail bucks in the record book than any other hunting operation, not only in the Midwest, but in the entire country.  There is a reason for that.   Donald Hill, the owner of Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch is one of those guys who “lives, breaths, dreams trophy whitetails 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.”   His 2,000-plus acre ranch is devoted to monster Midwestern whitetails.   Donald’s life centers around world class whitetail genetics, trophy whitetail habitat and deer herd management.  That’s why he chose the Midwest to build the world’s premier whitetail hunting destination.