As everyone knows we have been working very hard to develop our genetics over the past 19 years…producing the largest Typicals in the country….merely by providing good honest nutrition, food plots and natural habitat that allows deer to mature to their full genetic potential. Not only is Oak Creek dedicated to sending our hunters home with the Finest Trophy Whitetail EVER…we are first and foremost, dedicated to providing the best quality experience possible. This combination…or our “Recipe For Success”…has pushed Oak Creek to the forefront of the hunting industry…proving to be the Premier Fair Chase Hunting Preserve in the World!

We had never really seen a need to put our client’s deer in the record books but more and more of you kept telling us that other outfitters were advertising “world record deer”…that the deer you were harvesting at Oak Creek were bigger than the so called “world record deer”…so in 2009 and 2010…the first years we made a concerted effort to enter our deer into the record books, here is what has been recorded:

After drying time–Oak Creek hunters will have re-written the Midwestern SCI Typical and Non-Typical record books.

In just two seasons, Oak Creek hunters placed 11 deer in the Top 13 SCI World Record Typical category…plus 11 in the top 15 Non-Typical category (see them all on ).

Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch….and its hunters…were very fortunate the last few years…truly blessed! We had always assumed Oak Creek produced the biggest Typicals in the world. Once the record books come out in 2011, you will soon see that Oak Creek is also producing the largest Non-Typicals in the world!

Eight (8) huge Whitetail bucks over the magical 300 inch mark were taken on the ranch, including a 355-5/8 current #1…a 346-7/8 pending #2…a 324-2/8 pending #3….a 321-2/8 pending #5…a 318 4/8 pending #6…a 318-3/8 pending #7…a 317-6/8 pending #8 and a 310 pending #9.

Several more stunning deer, just under 300,” were also taken in 2010…including the pending #11, 293″ Non-Typical, pending #12 Non-Typical, 290 7/8″… and a 285-5/8″ buck with double drops, ranking at #15 SCI. One of our hunters harvested a magnificent 212-7/8″ SCI Typical buck with a bow…the new #3 Typical over-all…AND the #1 Archery! Another hunter took a superb 183″ slick 8-point that was 25 inches wide and then followed up that feat, taking a clean 211-3/8″ buck…the new #4 SCI Typical! Not a bad hunt! Are we excited for our hunters? You better believe it! Congratulations guys and girls!

Take a look at our new updated web site, All the records are there, Typicals and Non-Typicals, with pictures! Also take a look at the Media and News pages. You just might see a story or U-Tub video of yourself in there.

Two more quick notes before we allow you to get back to business.

Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch now offers 2,300 acres of premier hunting on three different properties including our main Supreme Trophy Ranch, plus our new Exotics Ranch where you can hunt just about any exotic animal imaginable….YEAR AROUND, and our new Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch II.

Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch II, next door to the main ranch, is a new venture that will provide you with a high quality semi-guided whitetail hunting experience at a set price of only $4,900 for any deer on the ranch…with all of the same genetics and hospitality provided. And this isn’t a “little guy” hunt either. You will have every chance in the world to take a 200-inch plus buck because they’re there!

One final note. Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch is pretty much SOLD OUT for 2011. We only have one opening for five hunters on December 26th through 29th. And there are only a couple spots for single hunters. We do have a few openings on the Oak Creek Ranch II but they are not expected to remain open long. If you have not booked your hunt already, please give us a call…SOON!