What Deer Do: Spring

Spring is typically a time of relaxation and growth for deer. Harsh winter months and hunting pressure are behind them. Fawns are born during this time to allow maturity before winter. With the sunlight of longer days, bucks have dropped their antlers and they begin new growth. Sometimes deer will extend their ranges during this time. New buck hierarchies may have to be developed within a herd if the dominant buck did not survive the winter.

Nutrition is required for recovery from winter months. Depending on the browse that survives winter, both bucks and does may compete for food sources. No antlers? No problem! Both sexes will use their heads, teeth or hooves. For bucks, buttons give way to velvet antlers as the year progresses. Antler growth for bucks and body growth for all deer depend on spring foliage. Pregnant does require extra nutrition to support their bodies and fetus growth.

Does are focused on fawn birth and return to their original breeding area. Once a fawn is born, mother and baby will stay in the area for several hours, until the fawn can walk. Now momma has the task of caring for her young. Does become more aggressive and protective of their fawns, especially against predators. Does will sometimes leave fawns unattended. Why? Fawns have no scent but the mothers scent is what draws predators. Be sure to leave unattended fawns alone!

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