World Record Whitetail Deer

World Record Whitetail Deer

The world record Whitetail deer (typical) was killed by a fellow named Milo Hansen in 1993 in Saskatchewan. Impressively, this massive Whitetail buck was only 3.5 years old and hadn't reached his full maturity yet. At an astounding 214 inches, the Milo Hansen buck's main beams were more than 27" in length, and its G2s and G3s were well over a foot long. Was this buck one-of-a-kind? Or are there more deer out there just like him? You might be surprised to learn that right here, in Central Missouri, there are monster bucks on the prowl. Only at Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch will you come close to this world record buck.

We Have World Record Typicals and Non-Typicals

Each year, several of the typical and non-typicals at Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch rank within the top 10 worldwide, and that's no exaggeration! Just do an online and search and you will quickly discover that Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch has some of the largest Whitetail deer on planet earth. One thing that's noteworthy is that our deer population was initially imported from Canada. Therefore, when you hunt at Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch, you are hunting Canadian Whitetail in Missouri.

Top 3 Reasons our Whitetail Grow So Big

First, we are always adapting our management style. This includes the way we manage our property and the way we manage our deer population. Staying on the cutting edge means that our land stewards adjust and adapt their techniques continually, doing everything in their power to ensure the best hunt for each one of our guests.

Second, we have implemented a unique policy regarding the genetics control of our deer. One of the ways that we maintain our world record sized Whitetail deer population is by eliminating the smaller, unhealthier deer with undesirable genetics. This keeps the herd big, strong, and fat.

Third, the deer at Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch live wonderful lives. They have plenty of space to roam, frolic, and explore. We have many food lots that are strategically located to encourage daylight deer feeding. With plenty of food and plenty of space, combined with our management style and genetics control, the Whitetail here grow bigger than anywhere else in the Midwest, and that's what makes Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch a favorite hunting destination for so many hunters.

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Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch is the perfect place to find a break from the daily grind and to harvest the trophy buck you've dreaming of. After a weekend of hunting and relaxation here, you'll be rejuvenated and balanced. We have a connection with nature that is unrivaled here. Whether you're into bow hunting or gun hunting, we've got something for you.

To catch your world record Whitetail deer, be sure to book your reservations ASAP. Feel free to check out our reviews online and see what our guests have to say about us. We're sure that you'll love your experience here, and you will leave with a monster buck.

World Record Whitetail Deer
Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch
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