Whitetail Deer Hunts

Whitetail Deer Hunts

The Things That Make Whitetail Deer Hunts Special

Whitetail deer hunts can be a complete and utter disappointment if you go it alone. Even experienced hunters often have worse than bad luck with their self designed whitetail deer hunts. The following are the keys to making whitetail deer hunts special and memorable. You want something you can brag about and show.


Go to a place where the deer are. This may sound rudimentary. There are many places that advertise deer but you need to check their history. A history of trophy deer taken with a variety of weapons is a guarantee of a special hunt.


Do not take the hunt guide or the lodge owner’s word alone. Check what hunting magazines and internet sites that have no financial affiliation with the lodge you pick say about the deer that are taken.


Look for a guide and a lodge that practices environmental hunting. The idea is to take the right deer at the right time so that generations to follow will have the same opportunity to enjoy the thrill of the hunt that you do. This technique and skill are learned over generations. Your best bet is to find a lodge that has been owned over several generations by the same family.

The Native Americans practiced the idea of only taking what they needed and taking the right deer at the right time. This practice preserves the integrity of the herd and maintains a breeding stock that produces trophy deer. That is one of the reasons that you hunt.


You want to go for size and comfort. The décor should be as authentic as possible. You want great views from your room, from the common areas, and from the front porch. The scenery is a very important part of the experience. The photos you take are part of your bragging rights.

You need comfort to prepare for a hunt. You will naturally be excited but a good night’s sleep in a comfortable bed is a necessity. You cannot expect to score a trophy deer if you are not alert.

Authentic food and drink should be a part of the experience. A meal prepared with deer during a hunt is a very fitting touch that makes the end of the day special. You should expect to have all meals included in what you pay for the hunt.

You need a bit of recreation in the lodge to work off the meal and any pre-hunt anxiety. This helps build rapport with your fellow hunters.

Expert guides

You need people who know the country and know where the big deer are. You need a guide who knows the local deer’s habits. Prepared blinds and the best places to shoot from make your hunt successful. Bow hunting blinds should be available. You need to be certain that all of these things are provided.

Large parties

Look for a facility that can handle a large party. A lodge that sleeps 20 is ideal for corporate outings and large family gatherings. The atmosphere lends itself to a feeling of group endeavor for a corporate team as well as competition. Families have bonded through hunting ever since there were people.


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