Whitetail Deer Hunting Trips

Whitetail Deer Hunting Trips

Guided whitetail deer hunting trips at Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch is an excellent way to escape the daily grind, catch your trophy buck, and learn some expert whitetail hunting tips to help you hunt deer better in the future.

Understanding a Deer's Senses

A lot of hunters hunt deer year after year with no success or only minimal success. While many hunters are unsuccessful, others are very successful. The difference between these hunters is not mere luck. Luck happens every once in a while, but success can be predictable if you understand the first thing about deer - their senses!


Deer only have three senses. Hunters need to be aware of all three senses at all times when on the trail. The first sense of deer is their sight. This is the easiest sense to avoid since eyesight is the least valuable sense to a deer. Because the eyes are located on the side of the head, deer see everything peripherally. This means they have a much broader vision than humans. Deer are looking for movement, not so much color or shape.

As long as a hunter moves very slowly, they can get away with a lot of movement. This is why a hunter can be in a deer stand, pick up their bow or gun slowly when a deer comes in, draw it, and put an arrow or bullet right where it's supposed to be. A hunter gets away with all that movement because they move slowly.


Deer have incredible hearing abilities. You can tell when a deer is listening intently because their ears will perk up and go forward. As you pay attention to their body language and hearing, wait until the deer is not listening intently to make your move. One way to avoid being heard by the herd is to position yourself next to a place where there is natural noise, such as a highway, a creek, or a brook that makes some noise. These are areas that will naturally camouflage human noise.


A deer's nose is the most powerful sense it has by far. Site and sound only play a small part in a deer's decision-making. The deer's nose is second to none, even more powerful than a dog's. This is why hunters must respect all of a deer's senses but especially its sense of smell. Take every step you can to minimize your own odor and other odors you might pick up at a gas pump, riding in a vehicle, or even from a cup of coffee that may have spilled on you.

You should do everything you can to reduce all human odors, but you must realize that a touch of human scent will always remain. A deer's nose is so good you can't erase all human odors. When hunting, make sure that the wind is in your face. No matter what you do, the deer will always win.

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