Missouri Whitetails

Missouri Whitetails

We all hunt for different reasons, but many non-hunters think we hunt solely for the kill. But it's about the experience, the sport of it, survival, passion, and the adventure. For many of us, hunting is the ultimate pursuit - a connection with nature that only a hunter can experience. Braving the elements and spending endless hours in the wild is a privilege for those of us who live for the hunt of Missouri Whitetails.

About Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch

Located in the Missouri Ozarks is a hunter's oasis called, Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch. When looking at a map of the Show Me state, if you put your finger smack-dab in the center, that's where we are. Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch is a fair chase hunting preserve with some of the best whitetail habitats in the Midwest. Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch is made up of beautiful rolling hills that whitetail deer love, and it is a pleasure to hunt here.

You'll enjoy your stay at Oak Creek Ranch. Everybody is friendly, the food is excellent, and your privacy will be respected. You'll be treated as an esteemed guest from start to finish, and you will be accommodated to the nth degree. Make yourself at home here, and don't be afraid to ask for anything you need.

Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch is a Fair Chase Preserve

Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch is a sprawling property with very thick and mature habitat. The whitetail here are highly intelligent and intuitive, and it's a very challenging hunt - even for seasoned hunters. Many people are skeptical about hunting in a whitetail preserve because they believe that doing so gives the hunter an unfair advantage. We encourage everyone to come and see what it's like for themselves.

Hunting the Rut at Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch

The rut begins between October 31-November 9 and is a time like no other for whitetail trophy hunters. With the rut on, you've got to take the rattling antlers out with you. This is the time of year whitetail deer hunters dream about. Often overlooked is the pre-rut. While most hunters look forward to the rut, whitetail let their guards down incredibly during the pre-rut also. During this time, there will be a lot of chasing and careless activity going on.

Rattling antlers is a great way to attract whitetail bucks during this period. The sound is irresistible to them. Unfortunately, there's no telling what might come in. First, the deer you attract might not be your trophy buck. Second, the deer might appear while you're still holding the horns, and you might not have enough time to draw, aim, and fire your weapon before the deer get suspicious and leaves just as fast as he came.

We've Got the Best Property for Hunting Missouri Whitetails

Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch is a phenomenal property. It's got the perfect habitat for Whitetail deer, it's private property, and the genetics of the Whitetail here are over the top because of the way we manage our Whitetail population. If you're interested in hunting Missouri Whitetails, give us a call or check us out online.

Missouri Whitetails
Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch
178 Oak Creek Ln, Bland, MO 65014

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