Missouri Whitetail Hunts

Missouri Whitetail Hunts

At Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch we are known for providing the best guided Missouri Whitetail hunts, and we cater to a diverse clientele. Here, there is no such thing as a typical guest. We get seasoned hunters and novice hunters. We get local guests and national/international guests. We get regular working-class folks and TV hunters - all of them are treated the same, and all of them love hunting at Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch. So regardless of what category of hunter you fall into, we have a hunt for everybody who comes here.

Book Your Reservations Now

Many of our guests come back each year - many of them repeatedly. Plus, you're not the only one thinking about hunting the rut, so make sure you book your reservations well in advance. We do our best to accommodate everyone, but we do have limited resources. Also, note that there are other great times throughout the year for bow and shotgun hunting. Of course, the rut is the magical moment that most whitetail hunters live for, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy hunting in different seasons.

High Fence Hunting is Ethical, Challenging, and Fun

Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch is a high fence hunting property - it is a wild game preserve. There are a lot of misconceptions about high fence hunting that have caused many well-intending people to oppose it adamantly. The misconception is that high fence hunting is unethical because there's no fair chase inside of a game preserve. This assertion is false. The deer at whitetail ranch enjoy a vast, sprawling property. The deer here are very happy, stress-free, and some of the biggest you will find in the Midwest. If you think it's easy to catch a deer here, give it a try. If you don't like it, don't shoot. Put simply; it's not as easy as you might think.

Expect a Great Experience Here

What can you expect to see at Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch? This property has many different kinds of terrain. The bottoms are thick with lots of timber. There are lots of ridges, open fields, creeks, swamp, etc. It's a diverse location, and we go above and beyond to make it the best hunt possible for our guests. The reason why Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch has been so successful is that the owners are excellent stewards of the land. Our preserve is managed well. This means that we put our animals first. The land is never going to be overpopulated, disease and infection are never going to take over, and the hunt is always going to be fair and rewarding.

Missouri Whitetail Hunts

What's the best part of the hunt? A lot of people think it's when you take your shot. The truth is that the whole hunt is essential. The good times and the bad times blend to make the perfect hunting experience. At Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch, we make sure that our guests have a great, natural hunting experience from the first day through the last day.

Missouri Whitetail Hunts
Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch
178 Oak Creek Ln, Bland, MO 65014

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