Missouri Deer Hunting

Missouri Deer Hunting

Some Overlooked But Useful Missouri Deer Hunting Tips

Your success in Missouri deer hunting depends largely on how many important tips you have at your fingertips. Missouri deer hunting can be likened to video games. You may practice for years and still not go far if you lack some useful tips, hacks and cheats. But when you are armed with the right tips, you will clear the game more easily.

Here are some important tips for Missouri deer hunting.

 Face painting is important

A lot of deer hunters usually overlook this tip. As a hunter, your face will shine brightly in the sun and deer can easily spot human shiny face afar off. When you wear a mask, it will be difficult for deer to spot your face. However, greasy paints are quite difficult to remove. Instead, you can go for charcoal. It is a cheaper alternative and it is easy to wash off.

Use of fertilizers

Several weeks to open day, you can add fertilizers to the vegetation in the areas where you plan to hunt. The fertilizers will make the plant greener and this will attract deer. When hunting begins, you know where to focus on. The only reason deer will not come there is if they suspect the presence of hunters.

Be extra slow

One thing you should bear in mind about deer is their sharp reflex. Once they notice any movement, they are off. Unfortunately, most hunters do not move slowly enough. You should move as sluggishly as possible so that your target deer will not notice any movement.

Another mistake is that a lot of hunters do not remain in position long enough. The problem is that when you are in an uncomfortable position, 5 minutes may seem like 30 minutes. So, you should always time yourself in a particular position. In addition, you should decide how much you intend to stand in a position beforehand.

Stay still after any noise

Deer have very sharp sense of hearing. They can hear the sound of a snapped twig a far off. When you mistakenly make a noise, stand still. The deer close by have two options. They either look around for a while and if they do not notice any movement, they may go back to what they were doing before the sound went off.

Their second option is to flee immediately to a direction quite opposite of the sound. Either way, you only need to stand still after a sound. Otherwise, the deer that may want to go back to what they were doing will flee when they notice your body movements.

Synergize with other hunters

Synergize with other hunters to surround particular hunting areas. Deer have very sharp sense of hearing and they can easily pick the area where any sound came from. If you shoot and hit your target, other deer will run towards the opposite direction from the origin of the sound. That way, they will be running towards hunters in your group.

On the other hand, if you miss your target, all the deer will still run towards the other directions, towards other deer hunters.

Conclusively, to succeed in deer hunting and other human endeavors, you need to arm yourself with as many tips as possible. The more tips you have, the easier it will be for you to succeed.


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