High Fence Whitetail Hunts

High Fence Whitetail Hunts

Contact Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch for high fence whitetail hunts in Missouri. We are proud of our high fence ranch, which is home to some of the biggest whitetail in the country. Here, you will experience fair chase, a beautiful ranch, friendly owners, a large enclosure, mature woods, fields, hills, and more. You'll have a great time at our resort, enjoy excellent cooking, body massages (yes, we have a masseuse), and a relaxing and comfortable setting.

Is High Fence Hunting Ethical?

There are a lot of people who strongly oppose high fence hunting because they think there can't be fair chase hunting inside of such an environment. At Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch, we are big supporters of high fence hunts because we are conservationists. We encourage anyone who thinks that high fence hunting can't be a fair chase to come down and see the habitat for themselves.
Experience what it's like hunting in an enclosure, and if you don't like it, don't shoot!

Our high fence preserve covers a large area, and the habitat is in incredible shape. The hunt is an exceptional challenge, and the deer here are wonderful. You will discover that hunting behind a high fence is challenging, and you can have a fair chase.

We are Conservationists

The definition of "Conservation" is, "The controlled use and systematic protection of natural resources." Hunting preserves are one aspect of conservation, and high fence whitetail hunts are probably one of the best forms of conservation in the United States.

Planning Your Hunt

Getting to your spot early in the morning can be crucial for your success. By early, we mean as much as an hour and a half before first light. It might seem odd to do that. You might even think you're crazy for doing it, especially if you don't see deer on the first day. Around first light is a time when our deer are very active. Of course, you don't have to hunt first thing in the morning if you don't want to.

Our Guests

Many of our guests can shoot at an expert level. These are people who have been hunting outdoors for years already. Some of our guests don't have that level of shooting experience, and that is why they prefer guided high fence whitetail hunts. Most of our guests come back each year, some of them multiple occasions - presumably because they have such a great time here. Indeed, we go above and beyond to make sure that we exceed every one of our guests' expectations.

Advantages of High Fence Hunting

There are a lot of benefits about hunting in a preserve, whether you prefer bow or rifle hunting. For one thing, nobody's going to pop out of the bushes unexpectedly in our preserve. So your safety is assured to you. We know where everyone is, so there's a level of control that doesn't exist with outdoor hunting. Another advantage of going to our preserve is that the game is here. That doesn't mean everyone will get a kill, but we have some of the biggest trophy whitetails in America. All of our game is well-fed and treated harvested humanely. If you're interested in high fence whitetail hunts in Missouri, contact Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch today.

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