Bow Hunting Missouri

Bow Hunting Missouri

Whether you are an expert bow hunter or a novice (or somewhere in-between), Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch is the best place for bow hunting in Missouri. We provide a hospitable and welcoming environment. We have some of the largest Whitetails on Earth, and you can find your trophy kill here.

We Treat and Hunt our Deer Humanely

Unlike a bullet fired from a gun that kills a deer from shock, arrows kill from hemorrhage. Therefore, we want to make sure that we take shots that give us the best opportunity to dispatch a whitetail as quickly and as humanely as possible. Because the whitetail deer is the most widely hunted species on earth, and because we offer guided whitetail bow hunts at Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch, we're going to discuss proper shot placement when whitetail deer hunting.

Shot Placement is Different for Bow Hunting

Some of you gun hunters may be used to shooting deer on the shoulder or neck. However, when hunting with an arrow, these won't be the kinds of shots you want for the highest percentage of success. When hunting with an arrow, the goal is to aim for the vital organs; which would be the heart, the lungs, and the liver.

To make sure that our arrows penetrate into one of these vital organs, we need to make sure that the arrow makes as little contact as possible with bone. To do this, we must stay away from the deer's shoulder blade. Instead, we must focus our aim just behind the shoulder. Just behind the top of the front leg is the sweet spot for bow hunters. How do we make sure that our arrow placement is dead-on?

Aim for the Kill Spots

First, we must make sure that we are aiming for the right spot. Next, we must make sure that the animal is in the right position. Two positions are prime for killing a deer humanely. One location is broadside. This means that the Whitetail is perpendicular to you and the path of the arrow. The other prime position for a kill shot is quartering away shot, which means that the deer is slightly angled away from you. Both of these shot angels will give you the best chance for success.

Unlike with a broadside shot, when firing a quartering away shot, the best arrow placement may not be directly behind the shoulder blade. Because of the angle, you may not be in the best position to hit both lungs. On a quartering away shot, you should always aim for the opposite shoulder blade. Doing so will give you the best odds to take out both lungs and will make for a quick kill. If you aim for the same spot on a quartering away shot that you would on a broadside shot, you may only hit one lung, and a deer with one lung can live for a long time. 

Bow Hunting in Missouri

Practice your shot, and work on that shot placement. Come to Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch for the best bow hunting in Missouri and catch your trophy buck ASAP.

Bow Hunting Missouri
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