Best Missouri Deer Hunts

Best Missouri Deer Hunts

If you're looking for the best Missouri deer hunts, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better location than Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch. Our Central Missouri Ranch is home to some of the largest Whitetail bucks in the world. Through a stellar land and herd management program, we grow 'em darned big here!

The Best Place for Deer Hunting is at Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch

Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch is a fair chase hunting preserve. The hunt is challenging, the deer are smart, and you have to work for your kill. We provide guided and semi-guided gun and bow hunts for every level of hunter - from novice to pro. With that said, we realize that high fence hunting isn't for everyone. Still, we'd like to encourage you to visit us. Most people who are skeptical have an instant change of heart when they experience Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch.

We have the best Missouri deer hunts by far if you're interested in hunting trophy Whitetail buck. However, if you're looking for the best Missouri public land deer hunts, we've compiled a list of excellent deer and turkey hunting locations in the Show Me state.

#5 Painted Rock State Forest

Located in Central Missouri, and with 1,488 acres of public hunting land, Painted Rock State Forest has a very dense deer and turkey population and excellent habitat. Hunters regularly harvest monster typicals and non-typicals here.

#4 Caney Mountain Wildlife Area

With 7,977 acres of public hunting land, there are plenty of good hunting spots here. Caney Mountain Wildlife Area is situated in South Central Missouri, about an hour's drive from the Arkansas border. The turkey and deer density isn't as thick as it is in Painted Rock State Forest, but there is an elevated population of wild game - it's just spread out over a larger area.

#3 Atlanta Wildlife Area

Located less than a two-hour drive from both the Illinois and Iowa borders, Atlant Wildlife Area has 2,380 acres of excellent public hunting land. The deer and turkey populations are plentiful and well-fed.

#2 Emmett & Leah Seat Memorial Wildlife Area

Located in Northwest Missouri, just south of the Iowa line, Emmett & Leah Seat Memorial Wildlife Area is one of the most under-hunted public lands in Missouri. The deer and turkey population are both above average, but the turkey population here is the best in the state. With 3,484 acres of huntable land, and lots of wild game to shoot at, it's not possible to find much better public hunting land in Missouri.

#1 Cedar Creek - Mark Twain National Forest

With an astounding 16,883 acres of public hunting land, Cedar Creek is just down the road from Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch. If you can't find a great spot here, you probably won't find a great spot anywhere. The deer and turkey populations are excellent here, and Central Missouri is home to some of the best deer hunts in Missouri and the USA. If you can't harvest your trophy buck, drive down to Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch.

Best Missouri Deer Hunts
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