Oak Creek II

We are proud to present
Oak Creek II!

If you are looking for the opportunity to hunt big trophy whitetail deer on a self-guided or semi-guided hunt, Oak Creek II is the place for you! 2014 was a great year for this new ranch. The largest deer harvested was 242 inches with six more deer scoring over 200 inches. The average deer scored 169 inches.
In 2015, 16 more 200+ inch bucks have been harvested, with three 300+ inch monsters. The largest being 373 7/8"! We had an incredible year, the average deer on Oak Creek 2 raised 10 inches to 179". 2016 looks to be even better as the younger bucks look better and bigger than these did the year before. So look for the average to move on up next year.

Hunts on Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch II are offered at a special rate as low as $4,900 for any whitetail on this property. Hunts at this location are limited so book your hunt early!