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Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch’s
Coveted First Week Of The Season Hunt Donation to
2012 Dallas Safari Club


Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch is proud to partner with the Dallas Safari Club...donating the coveted First Week Of The Season Hunt at Oak Creek to the DSC Annual Convention Auction

Oak Creek’s First Week Of The Season Hunt is offered exclusively to a DSC bidder and members of his/her invited party. The winning bidder and his party will be the first hunters on the ranch at the opening of the 2012 season insuring them a chance to harvest some of the largest deer in the world.

The Dallas Safari Club is one of the most important game conservation organizations in the world. DSC does great and wonderful work throughout the world, in game and wild lands conservation, defending hunter’s rights, youth hunting and outdoor activity education, public education and protecting the rights and interests of all outdoorsmen, women and youth.

Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch is a staunch supporter of DSC for these reasons. Oak Creek donates heavily to Dallas Safari Club’s annual convention and exposition because we believe our support of DSC, as well as that of hundreds of other donors, is the best way to ensure that our hunting heritage is preserved.

Oak Creek’s donation is a 100% donation to Dallas Safari Club with all funds raised going to DSC so please know that the funds raised from your bid will be fully utilized for DSC’s important work.


email: oakcreekranch@earthlink.net or

call: 573-943-6644 to bid on hunt

ToddB. $1000

Jeff D. $5000

Jim H. $6000

Todd B. $7000

John G. $8000

A. Mize $16,000

My good buddy Mr. Mize!!!! Boy these guys do not know what a steal you got do they??  But we know!!!   Looking forward to you hunting the first week of the season with us again this year.  Do you think we can top it four years in a row?? I DO!



First Week Of The Season Hunt At Oak Creek

Opportunity to shoot the largest deer available on the ranch-- $20,000 credit for buyer himself or for up to five (5) hunters total, buyer's choice how credits are distributed

NOTE: In 2010--- seven, (7), 300" bucks were taken in the first two weeks of the season.

Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch is proud to partner with the Dallas Safari Club...donating the coveted First Week Of The Season Hunt at Oak Creek to the DSC Annual Convention Auction

First Week Of The Season at Oak Creek is a North American hunting opportunity without parallel...because the biggest world record animals are all still there. First Week Of The Season allows the winning DSC bidder to be the first hunter on the property for the season. Several huge bucks in velvet that have the potential to become 300-plus inch monsters have already been spotted while scouting...and the First Week Of The Season is normally when these big boys are taken.

The winning bidder is encouraged to bring three or four fellow hunters or family members along to hunt during the all important First Week Of The Season At Oak Creek. Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch is the only place where the opportunity to shoot a 250” to 350” Whitetail buck is a common...almost an everyday occurrence....and your best odds are during First Week Of The Season...as the SCI Record Books attest to. Oak Creek accounts for 11 of the Top 15 Midwestern Typical and 11 of the Top 15 Non-Typical in the world. Most taken within the first two weeks of the season. See photo’s of all these deer at: www.oakcreekwhitetailranch.com/world-record.aspx

In the past few years the first two weeks of season at Oak Creek, which is the hunt the bidder will be bidding on, has produced the SCI Midwestern overall #1 Typical Rifle, #1 Non-typical Rifle, the #1 Non-Typical Muzzleloader, the #1 Non-Typical Handgun, the #1 Typical Handgun, the #1 Non-Typical Archery and the #1 Typical Archery record book bucks of all time...not to mention all the other top 10‘s...all in the first week or two weeks of the season!!!!



Dallas Safari Club References

Eric Fletcher, Eddie Fletcher, Larry Weishuhn, Larry Robinson, Mike Simpson, and Irvin and Wendy Barnhart. (Irvin Barnhart shattered the SCI Midwest Non-Typical Handgun Record at Oak Creek in 2010 taking the huge 324-4/8 monster shown to the right).





Two-Tiered Auction Format

On-Line: For those of you who are not able to attend the DSC Convention in January and participate in the live auction, we are offering the opportunity for you to bid in the On-Line Auction ahead of the Dallas Safari Club Convention.

Live Auction: If you have never taken part in the Live Auctions during the Dallas Safari Club Convention...there is a VOID in your life. These events are like none other in the outdoor world. Millions of dollars in high end merchandise, firearms and hunts are auctioned to raise needed funding for Dallas Safari Club’s worldwide hunting and game conservation initiatives.

On-Line Auction Procedure

Beginning August 10, 2011, bids for this spectacular hunt will be accepted by Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch by phone or e-mail.

Phone: 573-943-6644
E-Mail: oakcreekranch@earthlink.net

All bids will be duly recorded.

The On-Line bidding will cut off on January 1, 2012, at which time the highest on-line bidder will be notified by Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch. The winning On-Line Auction bidder will be asked to “stand by” on Saturday evening, January 7, 2012, for a call from Donald Hill or an auctioneer on the Live Auction floor in Dallas.


Live Auction Procedure

Bidding for this hunt will re-open, Saturday night. January 7, 2012, at the Dallas Safari Club's Live Auction.

Durring the bidding at the Live Auction, the On-Line Bidder, will be called from the Live Auction Floor and if the Live Auction bidders out bid the On-Line Auction bidder then the On-Line Auction bidder will have the opportunity to bid on the hunt once again.

Both the Live Auction bidder and the On-Line bidder will be given full opportunity to bid up.

Highest bidder takes all!




This is a 100% donation to Dallas Safari Club by Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch. If you are the on-line auction winning bidder, payment via check or credit card should be made directly to the Dallas Safari Club, no later than January 5th.

Make check payable to Dallas Safari Club

SEND PAYMENT TO: Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch
178 Oak Creek Lane
Bland, Missouri 65014

CREDIT CARD BY PHONE: 573-943-6644

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